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Indian project

Indian project

Helping hand in hand

The name TLAN MAKAN is a hint for one of the most important principles of the Finca – the close cooperation with the indigenous population. Intergenerational experience in coffee cultivation as well as knowledge of the specific local conditions and climatic conditions make it an invaluable factor. The basic principle of the “helping hand” is not a one-way street. Education and an economic basis are important factors for the local families to improve their quality of life and the future prospects of future generations. For this purpose, TLAN MAKAN has established various support programs.

In addition to the permanent employees living on the finca, there is a high demand for seasonal workers, especially during harvest time. However, this also means that not all locals live off work on the finca all year round. For this reason, TLAN MAKAN provides around 200 families with up to one hectare of land, usually for growing beans and maize, for free cultivation. Fertilizer and pesticides are also provided free of charge. This ensures that the families are supplied with basic foodstuffs. Fruits growing wild in the biotopes of the finca, such as passion fruit, lemons and oranges, also serve to supply the locals.

Plant sponsors

Effective and sustainable coffee cultivation by trimming the coffee plants.
Environmental protection

Preservation of a livable environment through environmental protection.