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Products for the global climate

Products for the global climate

Our contribution to the global climate

Coffee is grown on only a good third of the total area. Half of the remaining area is used for forestry and virgin forest, while the other half is fallow land, swampland and water areas. These compensation areas are of great importance for the ecological balance. Furthermore, the high tree and plant population serves as a CO2 storage. In contrast to the many abandoned coffee plantations in the neighbourhood, which have been cleared and now serve as pasture land for cows, thus increasing rather than reducing CO2 pollution.

With the reforestation at the beginning of the new century, sustainable forest management was started on TLAN MAKAN. Some tree species are already after 10 years sleepy. Even mahogany trees have reached a size like a German oak after 35 years, after a good 120 years. Part of this new forest management will also be an own tree nursery with 500.000 plants on an area of about five hectares. This is important because the trees felled and processed into timber will be replaced by new planting. This increases the absorption capacity of CO2, as it remains bound in the felled timber and the new plantations in turn form new reservoirs.

An important aspect of sustainable and ecological use is the later processing of the wood. This is used as construction timber and for the manufacture of other wood products. If it were to be used as firewood, the stored CO2 would be released and the positive environmental effect would no longer apply.

In the near future there will be own product lines made of the cultivated wood of the Finca TLAN MAKAN. This will not only expand the range of products, but also the professional opportunities of the indigenous population.