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TLAN MAKAN - English

TLAN MAKAN – English


The translation from the language of the indigenous people expresses the soul of our coffee. It is a coffee that reaches out to you and takes everyone with you to discover its world – the tranquility and expanse of the Mexican rainforest.

Jungle Grown Coffee is protected, cared for and harvested by the sensitive handcraft of the indigenous population. In its refinement through a unique roasting process, it becomes a sensitive taste experience that requires neither milk nor sugar for its full development. On the contrary – only through pure enjoyment does it reveal its full spectrum to us.

Our actions on the Finca are shaped by the sustainability goals of the UN 

We started early on to make our contribution to the agenda of the future and would like to expand it further. Nowhere is the guiding principle of the “helping hand” better brought to life than in the active implementation of sustainability goals.

The home of our beans